Proper Color Solutions For The Office

Proper Color Solutions For The Office

When it comes to remodeling an office, one of the most important aspects is painting. Any shade of paint can change the complete look of a room as a color has an ability to change a drab and boring room into a stunning one. Many people prefer to paint their homes in serene colors as it relaxes the mind. There are many hues of colors to choose from that match the atmosphere of a room.

An office is a place where many people come and go. Choose some paint colors that will stimulate the employees, relax the customers and make them feel welcome. Here are some ideas for interior paint colors and combinations to remodel your office and make it look more appealing to the vision.
Avoid using white, as this color gives a very sterile look to the walls. Remember a shade of color can make a room look large or small. So, it is better to avoid black or dark colors that will give off a repulsive look to your office.
The popular choice of paint colors that will give a soothing and inviting look to your office are beige, tan, light yellow and some shades of blue.
When you choose paint colors for your office make sure that these colors have a resemblance to the flooring and office furniture.

These were some tips for choosing paint colors. Before you paint the walls of the room, always paint a small portion of the wall to check how it looks. If you are satisfied with the result, you can go ahead with the task, or else you can always try other combinations. Whatever color you choose, make sure that it serves its purpose and brightens up the atmosphere of the room. Happy painting!

Four Types of Verbal Communication

Four Types of Verbal Communication

Verbal communication include sounds, words, language, and speech. Speaking is an effective way of communicating and helps in expressing our emotions in words. This form of communication is further classified into four types, which are:

1. Intrapersonal Communication

This form of communication is extremely private and restricted to ourselves. It includes the silent conversations we have with ourselves, wherein we juggle roles between the sender and receiver who are processing our thoughts and actions. This process of communication when analyzed can either be conveyed verbally to someone or stay confined as thoughts.

2. Interpersonal Communication

This form of communication takes place between two individuals and is thus a one-on-one conversation. Here, the two individuals involved will swap their roles of sender and receiver in order to communicate in a clearer manner.

3. Small Group Communication

This type of communication can take place only when there are more than two people involved. Here the number of people will be small enough to allow each participant to interact and converse with the rest. Press conferences, board meetings, and team meetings are examples of group communication. Unless a specific issue is being discussed, small group discussions can become chaotic and difficult to interpret by everybody. This lag in understanding information completely can result in miscommunication.

4. Public Communication

This type of communication takes place when one individual addresses a large gathering of people. Election campaigns and public speeches are example of this type of communication. In such cases, there is usually a single sender of information and several receivers who are being addressed.

The Coach House sold to Sean Doyle

The Coach House sold to Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle group back in expansion mode as it buys the Coach House.

The landmark Coach House pub in Gorey town has been sold to the Sean Doyle Group for €795,000, almost twice its asking price.
Kilmuckridge businessman Sean Doyle has bought the landmark Coach House Pub, a premises he has run under a management agreement for the past three-and-a-half years.
The pub sold for almost twice its asking price at auction last Thursday afternoon. Three adjoining commercial properties also well exceeded their guide prices.

Mr Doyle confirmed that the Sean Doyle Group is back in expansion mode after restructuring last November. Among the other licensed premises it owns in Gorey are Oscars, Paddy Blues, and the Mezz Bar.
Sean said they’ve built up a nice business in The Coach House, and they hope to expand its food and functions trade.

The interest in the auction was described as unprecedented by Jim Kinsella of Sherry FitzGerald O’Leary Kinsella with multiple solid interested parties for all of the properties offered.
‘I would safely say that it’s the strongest price for a pub in a provincial town in recent years,’ he commented.

Bidding for The Coach House, which has an apartment above, opened at €400,000 and it was declared on the market at €450,000. Rapid bidding followed before the gavel fell at €795,000. A 13.5 per cent VAT rate will be added to this.
The other properties also attracted great interest. No. 47, which is home to Making Music, opened at €120,000 and was sold for €225,000, plus VAT.

The building which is home to The Gaslamp Gallery, No. 46, commenced at €120,000 and the successful purchaser heard the hammer fall at €200,000, plus VAT.
The Cottage Crafts building, No. 45, opened at €100,000 and the building was sold at €185,000, plus VAT.
Jim Kinsella was keen to point out that it is business as usual for the occupiers of all the properties as the tenants are unaffected by the sales.
He said that the result was a testament to Gorey town and it shows the confidence that the business community has in the town.

‘There were over eighty people in the auction rooms,’ he said. ‘That shows the depth of interest in good quality commercial property.’
‘Interested parties came from every county in Leinster although as it turned out all buyers were local to Gorey town,’ he said. ‘There were five different bidders for the pub and 21 different bidders for the three commercial properties.’

Lucan bar offering €500 prize for best new name suggestion

Lucan bar offering €500 prize for best new name suggestion

The Arc Bar in Lucan is getting a major make-over – and a brand new name.

The owners are offering €500 to whoever comes up with the best suggestion, so get your thinking caps on folks!

The winner will be invited to cut the ribbon at the bar’s Renovation Celebration Launch Party Extravaganza, which will take place on September 8.

If you’re interested in the renovation process you can watch it unfold on the bar’s website, which is regularly updated with photos.

The Sean Doyle Group, which includes influential designer Brian McDonald, plan to transform the space into a modern and stylish new gastro bar that will “boast the best of the best in food, drink and entertainment”.